Slang for the penis in it's flaccid state. Nobody like's a limp dick, so Peen is also used to describe a real jerk, or a dick.
That was a peen move Kevin, did you have to puke in tub?


We were swimming... it was cold... and I went from dick to peen in five seconds!
by boywonder769 January 20, 2009
The slang word for penis.
Hugh Hefner: today we celebrate 50 years of making guys all around the world stroke their peen

Barbara Walters: and that's when his peen went in my poon.. did I mention i'm a whore?

Star Jones: what do you mean my husband al has a peen fit for a tight boy's anus?
by steve May 23, 2008
short for penis. sometimes used in places where saying penis is inappropriate.
guy #1: this is how you do the can-can!

guy #2: FUCK dude, you just kicked me in my peens! watch where you kick asshole!
by dickhaver319Xboxlive3picYOLO September 06, 2013
Short for Penis.
Greeting to fellow lad.
lad to lad only.
man 1 - "Alright Peen!"
man 2 - "Easy!"
by Dayturnal92 June 06, 2013
Noun, A person who exhibits such an amazing lack of common sense, you wonder how they even have the brainpower to run even the most basic autonomic functions. Small rodents and credenzas have an intelegence greater than the average peen. (Note: if you know what a credenza is, you, by default, are NOT a peen although it does not make you immune from exhibiting peenish behavior)
On the surface, it seems that many people on Earth today are peens but the title of peen is reserved for those special type of people that invoke an uncontrolable urge to yell or to hit people with sticks. In the United States, it is still illigal to kill, maim or otherwise harm peens although there are some that suggest that if being a peen was painful, people would avoid exhibiting peenish behavior.
Related words:
Peenish and/or Peen-like: used when someone isn't atually a peen but they are exhibiting behaviors that closely resemble that of peens.
See also Muggle
Joe cut off someone on the freeway then slowed to 10 mph under the speed limit. Joe is a Peen.
by Fyrewolf Seahawk November 17, 2006
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