A word used to describe the male genetalia."I'm the peen queen"
"Edie is not the peen Queen"
by Ke$hawhaaa? March 06, 2014
Christopher Jaeger's Penis.
I'm gonna touch your peen :)
by Buggabooboo November 14, 2011
Peen, Peening, Peened.

1. To investigate into a subject in order to revise or discover facts, theories or applications.

2. To free from dirt and foreign or extraneous matter.
1. I need to check this is correct, I'll Peen it

2. This room is getting a bit messy, It needs to be Peened.
by Bighippo April 03, 2012
A small person, who usually wears fuzzy clothing. It can be made into a nickname. (it's quite catchy)
Dude, look at that peen over there!

Go fuck yourself you stupid peen!

Hey, Peen, what's up?
by xenite May 27, 2008
short for penis, mainly used to describe ballers like chris douglas
chris your a peen
by glo November 18, 2002
Shortened version of the word penis. Excellent to use around people who you know won't understand right away. Often used in conversations about sexual intercourse or sex lives.
I.e- Justin- " hey Jimmy you have a baby peen and you get no hoes " Jimmy - " that's not what your mom said she loves my big peen"
by A.larsun August 06, 2011
shortened version of "penis". Can be used in just about any context.

Created when picking flowers in Red Dead Redemption

Josh: so what are you doing?
George: picking these flowers so I can get my 100%
Josh: wow................................ PEEN!
George: wait, what did you just call me?!?!?!?
Wow... What a dumb peen
by masterpeen January 24, 2011

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