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1) A person who is sexually attracted to young children who haven't gone through puberty.

2) A term used by people who have no idea what they're saying to describe a person they think is too old to be flirting with or dating someone else.
1) "I was watching the news yesterday, and I saw a report on a man who had sex with eight year olds. He's a pedophile."

2) "My sister told me that one of her high school teachers was flirting with his teaching assistant! He's such a pedophile."
by Approaching Challenger February 16, 2014
3 1
an adult who is sexually attracted to a child
glyn is a pedophile sick
by littlesis March 16, 2009
40 40
A person of whom is 16 years or older and is attracted to those who are 5 years or younger than them.

Not to be confused with a child molester, child rapist, or epebophilia. (Child Molesters/Rapists may have pedophilia but not all pedophiles rape or molest children. Epebophilia is a general term to mean the attraction to only teenagers and can be a form of pedophilia depending on age.)
Bob is a pedophile, because he is attracted to 12 year old girls.

Misconception #1:
Bob is a pedophile so he has had sex with a 12 year old girl multiple times and killed her because he is the devil and we cannot accept him as a community due to him being born different, just like how black people are born different so apparently that means we must socially reject them for ages and start riots on innocent people.

Misconception #2:
Bob is 17 years old and he is attracted to a 15 year old girl so he is a pedophile.
by A hint of Logic May 19, 2013
15 16
Child Lover
Nati-kun is a pedophile
Soubi is a pedophile
by smart person1243 April 16, 2009
41 42
unmanly adults who perceive children as sexual objects for themselves or others
TSA hires professional pedophiles
by freedom from groping January 26, 2013
13 16
The stupid American spelling for paedophile.

What the yanks don't seem to get, is:

Pedo = feet

Paedo = child.

So a PEDOphile, is someone who's attracted to FEET, not children.
That dude's a pedophile. He loves feet!
by FreakOfNatureUK May 08, 2010
71 75
A creepy dude who has sex with children.
Pedophile: How old are you, little boy?
Boy: Eight.
Pedophile: (turned on) That'll do!
by AWarnerS May 22, 2011
22 26