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(pedo=child, file=file) A tool used by ambitious parents to sharpen their dull-witted offspring.
"You failed algebra again? Fetch me the pedofile!"
by va1erio January 23, 2007
19 37
a person who really, really needs to learn how to spell
the pedofile didnt pay attention to spelling in class
by Damn Straight January 26, 2005
1347 379
A computer file containing child pornography.
His PC is full of pedofiles.
by Mr.Bukakke May 31, 2006
649 311
retard who can't spell.
pedoPHile, not pedoFile, you fucktards.
by rm2kking July 05, 2006
575 311
What people who can't spell will write in place of pedophile.
Chance are, they really mean pedosexual.
by Downstrike September 13, 2004
316 204
A file on a computer that pedos use to store and save their child porn.
Uncle George "This pedofile has 455 MB! It's almost full. I'll have to start a new one soon."
by Hitlers Yeast Infection September 28, 2007
65 24
A hidden folder that contains child pornography that is located at C:\users\ZackAttack\downloads\mypedo.
FBI: Sir we're placing you under arrest for child pornography you have the right to remain silent.

Pedophile: I didn't do anything wrong occifer.

FBI: We found your little hidden pedofile on your computer you pervert.

Pedophile: And I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids.

FBI: Exactly.
by castrader December 16, 2009
59 38
Santa Claus is the pedofile ring leader. "he sees you when you're sleeping" and he also enjoys having millions of little kids sit on his lap...and has elves take pictures of it
Pedofile santa: "Ho Ho HO this red velvet is from the kiddie porn set i acted on last week! ho ho HO!"
by k-martizzle December 21, 2006
45 44