a 50 year old man who loves to fuck young boys and girls.
probably anyone you meet in a chatroom.
by GhettoLatinaBooty April 05, 2003
a fucking creep who stalks on babies
Oh my god Dom, I hope Isabell is at our party this weekend, I'm such a pedofile and I love her!
by HBC Mama April 18, 2011
PDF file that contains a Pedophilia content
You really dont want to download an example file of pedofile.
by COP_Hangle March 17, 2011
spanglish- a combination of the spanish word "pedo" meaning "fart" and the english word "file". A compendium in which masterfully crafted flatulence is chronicled either by its creator or a witness to said excellence. Usually specimens are categorized by Volume (loudness), length (usually approximations),humidity levels and ofcourse odor.
Yesterday, on my way out of the office, i silently inscensed a trail of putridity for my fellow staff to relish in, without a sign of guilt on my face i thought to myself "now theres one for the pedo-file"
by the goat lives February 24, 2009
(pedo=child, file=file) A tool used by ambitious parents to sharpen their dull-witted offspring.
"You failed algebra again? Fetch me the pedofile!"
by va1erio January 23, 2007
a pedofile is a person that is sexually attracted to a person that is WAYYY younger than them....we're talkin like a 35 yr old trying to pick up a 14 yr old...ewww....no one knows why although most studies show that they had a REALLY messed up childhood...although most pedofiles are men, there have been cases of women too....
My uncle likes to touch little boys butts.....he's such a pedofile.
by cns March 06, 2006
A pervert that likes to get blow jobs/hand jobs from 7th grade sluts.
Ben, an asian pedofile who thinks he's cool because he can get a bj from his BJ Queen, Olivia.
by Hur December 23, 2007

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