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When a sex-panther gives a person a wedgie, and while they're pulling their underware out of their pants them.
"HAHA Alex just got a pedgie!!!"
by j tizzle October 23, 2004
When your boxers or briefs get stuck in your dick hole and you get that sort of burning sensation. Penis Wedgie. Pedgie
Joe- "fool, quit grabbing your dick"

Barry-" "sorry dude, I got a pedgie"
by Geoff Garber November 08, 2007
When a girl's Always Super Plus with Wings gets uncomfortable wedged up her crack.
I need to run to the toilet so I can get this pedgie out.
by Limon July 30, 2004
A situation in which the penis becomes entangled with the underwear. Like a Wedgie, however, it is with the penis.
"Everytime I wear these jeans I get a fuckin' Pedgie"
by Matt Mencel February 22, 2008
When your drawers be ridin up all in your crotch and you have to adjust. Can be very painful and cause dicomfort. Essentially a wedgie for the penis.
"Damn nigga i got the worst fuckin pedgie the other day!!"
by LaRon May 11, 2006
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