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the runs, diahrea, chocolate volcano, etc. when your shit is hella runny and it comes out with a great explosion of warm shitty goodness.
"I don't feel so good...I have Hershey's squirts"
by LaRon May 11, 2006
A racist term for Mexicans referring to the way hop over the border. See chile shitter beaner greaser
"Damn those fuckin border bunny(ies) keep swimmin across the Rio Grande!!!"
by LaRon May 11, 2006
When some black guy is hella ashy and his ashy flakes get all over you, hence an African blizzard.
"Damn Jamal just bombarded me wit an african blizzard"
by LaRon May 11, 2006
Sportswriter who is a fuckin idiot. Simply just trashes other pople and athletes. I would kick his ass if i had the chance. His show comes on the in the afternoon on ESPN. Jim Everett laid him out on TV cuuz he is such a fuckin dick.(see ebaumsworld.com and go to videos/sports)
"Wow Jim Rome is so fuckin gay"
by LaRon May 11, 2006
A racist term given to Mexicans referring to the large amount of spicy food they consume.
"Damn that chile shitter hasn't cut my lawn yet'
by LaRon May 11, 2006
When taking a massive shit, your rectum splits open cuz the shit is too big. You know when sometimes you think the shit is too big to come out?? Think about it and be careful...
"Damn foo I got an anal fisher the other day and i ahd to get a bunch of stitched to sew up my gooch"
by LaRon May 11, 2006
An exetremely smart Asian that everyone hates cuz they always get the best grade in the class. Also known to screw over everyone's GPA and the curve on tests.
"I hate that yellow menace...she always has to screw up the fuckin curve"
by LaRon May 11, 2006

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