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the day after having sexual intercourse with a women and going to the bathroom to take a piss and a piece of dried up cum flys out that resembles a pearl.
dude, i banged tina and woke up with a pearl jam.
by john black jr. December 05, 2011
4 5
1. Kick-ass band that hail from Seattle, who write and perform brilliant 'guitar music' (not just Rock). Release reasonably priced 'official' bootlegs of all their concerts (discounted to fan club members) to beat the black-market scum.

2. Semen.
1. I went to see Pearl Jam at Wembley. It was the best concert I have ever attended.

2. Hey girl, would you like me to spread some Pearl Jam on your buns?
by Jay April 16, 2004
1485 357
One of the best bands of the 90's by far, and a whole lot better then any of the shit being called 'music' today.
Eddie Vedder is a God, and the lead singer of Pearl Jam.
by Chels January 24, 2004
1040 422
Great band that actually gives a shit about their music and their surroundings.
Vedder gave a tiring speach about Bush, but still put on a great show.
by elvis June 27, 2003
789 263
Gods gift to music. The greatest band in the world. If you dont like them I'm coming to your house to kill you and your family.
Pearl Jame is so awesome and sexy.
by Seth the Mitchell November 17, 2004
734 427
Sorry, fool. They are a great band.
Pearl Jam puts on one of the best live performances.
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
591 299
stone gossard, jeff ament(bass), eddie vedder(vocals), mike mckreedy and matt cameron. the comboniation of the century. cannot be beat.
rear view mirror, betterman , jeremy. all awsome songs
by sunkist February 12, 2004
444 219
An impossibly high standard of genuineness and humility required to gain acceptance or impress.

Used most frequently when describing bands in the Post-Nirvana-Pre-Korn musical era.
1. It's nice that Steve recycles, but he's no Pearl Jam.

2. That guy makes faces like Eddie Vedder, but Stone Temple Pilots are no Pearl Jam.
by el Uste November 12, 2003
452 239