the day after having sexual intercourse with a women and going to the bathroom to take a piss and a piece of dried up cum flys out that resembles a pearl.
dude, i banged tina and woke up with a pearl jam.
by john black jr. December 05, 2011
One of the big 4 of Grunge which includes Nirvana,Alice In Chains,and Soundgarden. Pearl Jam got famous for creating masterpiece albums such as Ten,Vs,Vitalogy,Yield,Binaural,Riot Act,and their newest album Backspacer. The only shit album they did was No Code. That one sucked donkey balls.
Pearl Jam can be considered a part of making Grunge popular.
by That one guy at the bar July 05, 2013
Ejaculating in a girl that's on her period... The resulting liquid which comes out..
Dude, she said she was on her period but I was like "I'll fuck it"... Then I nutted all up in there and left her with a nice "Pearl Jam" to deal with...
by Sofa King What March 04, 2009
Well, Pearl Jam is... something different for everyone, something that almost anyone can connect to and experience a divine pleasure from it (starting from the music and going through the lyrics).It is a universe that has appeal to many and place for everyone.
I am actually very annoyed to read such pathetic comments from both Nirvana and Pearl Jam's fans, trying to prove that their "toy" is better than anybody's else. Cobain was a bitter man that attacked everyone including himself, so i don't think that the fans should continue with the stupid "war".
Pearl Jam and Nirvana are different in their views, beliefs and MOST important in their musical goals, so trying to compare them is a waste of time. I listen to both bands and admire their works.
After all music is what really matters.
Have you heard Smells Like Teen Spirit played by Pearl Jam?
Kinda proves my point.
by Rositsa September 04, 2004
A good band, but album sales don't mean anything.
I like Pearl Jam, but I'm not shallow enough to base my opinion of 'the best band' on the record sales.
by Jack November 19, 2004
a prophet w/ a kick-ass band behind him
bob marley and the wailers
by cmfw December 18, 2003
the inability to cum.
Space Angel blew the shit out of me and when I was ready to sand blast her face nothing would happen, I had a fucking Pearl Jam.
by Butcher's Pal July 24, 2009

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