An American rock band formed in Seattle in 1990 which rose to become one of the best and most influential bands of modern times. Widely associated with grunge music, Pearl Jam also includes elements of classic rock, alternative rock, garage rock, post-grunge, and experimental rock. Easily recognizable by the bluesy guitar work of lead guitarist Mike McCready and the deep grungy voice of Eddie Vedder. Frontman, lead singer, and occasional guitarist Eddie Vedder is also an environmentalist and conservationist, which makes him badass.
Often hated by people such as modern rock and nu-metal fanboys, as well as a small group of grunge "fans" who claim that Pearl Jam sold out their roots, which, of course is not true... they simply adapted their music to the messages they want to spread. Many people say that Pearl Jam never made a good album after Ten, but of course these people have never heard any of their songs other than their radio hits. People can't seem to give any reasons why they dislike Pearl Jam without making themselves look like immature assholes, simply because it is impossible to dislike Pearl Jam if you sit down and listen to them.
Most well known for their songs Alive, Even Flow, Jeremy, Yellow Ledbetter, Betterman, Daughter, Just Breathe, and their cover song Last Kiss.
Creator of great unknown gems like Oceans, Tremor Christ, Garden, Last Exit, 1/2 Full, I Am Mine, Off He Goes, etc.
Person 1:Dude I went to a Pearl Jam concert yesterday
Person 2: How was it?
Person 1: It was awesome as usual, I heard Given to Fly, I Am Mine, and Oceans, which are all my favorite songs

Person 1: -walks in wearing Pearl Jam shirt-
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: Their music after Ten is all retarded and ugly and silly and stinky like your mom and Eddie Vedder is a stupid stinkypants dumbhead
Person1: -plugs in iPod and plays "Brain of J." by Pearl Jam
Person 2: -silenced-
by IwishIwasStoneGossard May 05, 2011
1.A sticky white substance known as semen which is usually diposited pretty much anywhere on a womans body

2.also a great band of the 90's
uncle andy:i know your thinking well uncle andy if i cant spew in mr sock where does the pearl jam go, well im glad you asked there is alot of things we can use aroudn the house instead of a goo glove
by the king mauahha December 18, 2006
The name of a famous Seattle band, but more importantly, think about it, Pearl Jam...

A clever slang name for semen, has the consistency of jam and a pearl color. Definitely cum.
Pal: "You fuck Sarah last night?"

Guy: "No doubt, busted my pearl jam in her face."

Pal: "haha you sick fuck, I envy you."
by nhumb March 02, 2010
90's grunge band that's as good as sex.
Bf: That was some good sex!
Gf: Was like listening to Pearl Jam! Mmmmm....
by IisNotHere August 08, 2009

a. A rock group whose musical quality is far greater than their popularity

b. A rock group whose popularity would be greater if one of its members committed suicide a lá Kurt Cobain
That band is such a Pearl Jam: they're great, but nobody gives a shit.
by Duke Guillermo March 09, 2006
The Greatest Rock Band ever. A band who stays true to themselves and does not care about trends or album sales. Many bandwagon fans will tell you that their only good album was Ten and that everything else sucks. But true fans will love No Code and not care if it did not have any hits.
Stupid Bandwagon Fan: "Man I wish Pearl Jam would make another Ten again."

True Fan: "Fuck you, Ten was great, but they have made so much more better albums than that album."
by rockmusicman April 04, 2011
Semen. Referring to the color of the sperm.
That dude squirted pearl jam everywhere.
by Ricktron October 24, 2011

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