Pencil Dick
Shut up PD!
by Cliff dammit February 18, 2004
basically when your not home and you have to go rip a nice one in the washroom, you go to take a "Public Dump"
After all that McDonald's, I didn't feel like going home so I just ran a PD!!
by hhaarrppzz April 26, 2009
Pussy deficient. Someone who is not getting much sex or is a virgin.
See that guy over there he is so PD it is not even funny. The only sex he gets is with Rosy and her five sisters.
by hollywood doc September 13, 2006
PD The action of a puff down, or "puffing down" which means to smoke marijuana in a regular fashion. Used a lot in central Canada.
Yo lets go for a pd... U down?
by badfl0w May 07, 2006
(Power Dump) When you have the big dumps that hurt just shoot it out. (Apparently white people havn't mastered this yet.)
I think I will go master the PD.
by Jason Rott September 02, 2005
Short for Pimp Daddy
He get's all the hunnies. He must be a PD.
by Jenn May 06, 2005
a.k.a. Pimple Dick.

Having an enmormous amount of acne on one's penis.
Looking at will's face. We can only assume he has PD.
by Boon/lex September 07, 2004

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