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An emoticon that show a head tilted with a thumbs up.
Dude 1: Dude! I just back-flipped off a car without killing myself :D

Dude 2: Nice :Pd
by LickinLamprey November 18, 2011
Used when someone is doing something really stupid or unnecessary
Dude 1: I feel hyper today. *starts flailing around*

Dude 2: We don't need it
by LickinLamprey November 20, 2011
An emoticon meaning "shut up"
Weirdo: I LOOOOOVE licking doorknobs :D

Normal Person: Hey, do us all as favor and :$

Weirdo: What does ":$" mean?

Normal Person: Look it up on Urban Dictionary
by LickinLamprey November 19, 2011

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