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A guy with a penis over 8 inchs and is 1 of the hottest things on earth.
Girl: Wow Charlie yuor Jimmie is huge
by jimmsta May 16, 2007
Jimmie is the man, the leader, the man that others should look up to. He knows what he is doing and his bravery is remarkable. He is the strongest above other and can always prove himself worthy in any situation. Nobody can live up to this man. Might as well call him king.
Look up to Jimmie, he's in charge
by Haiden (Certified) February 22, 2015
A Jimmie is a funny , cool , shy person he is really cute you will be the luckiest person to have him you will fall in love with him he loves to skate and loves soccer and football he will forgive you in a second he loves his girlfriend and is very faithful and is truthfull and he is nice but once you break his heart he will never forget but will forgive and won't trust you anymore
Speaker : who's that boy?!!
Speaker2: oh girl that is my boyfriend Jimmie

Speaker: I wish I could have a boy like that !
by Girlygirl224100 July 22, 2013
a jimmie is a smokin' hot guitar. the words guitar and penis are interchangeable. The guitar and the penis generally have the same effect on the ladies - and guys.
he played with his jimmie for hours.

he has the hottest jimmie on stage.

that jimmie smokes!

check out my jimmie!

he has a red jimmie.
by C66SPCONV April 03, 2009
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