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Problem Based Learning

aka a mountain of faeces that poor UK med students are subjected to. The aim of the task is to pretend to understand (supposedly for the sake of their future career under the NHS... ahem) each medical scenario using "oh-so-clever" patient names to give "ever-so-subtle" hints to the true diagnosis, e.g. Mr. Art Attak...

...Oh for fucks sake.
student A: I never understand what we're meant to get from this. Fuck it, I'll just sit here quietly and nod.

student B: so read the fucking 6 lines of pbl scenario and lets sit here for 2 hours BRAINSTORMING and going through the SEVEN STAGES of a PERFECT fucking pbl. And we do this every topic, every term for how many years of medskool?

student C: I'm off peeps I've got the tutor's notes

10 years later in the hospital..

Patient rushed into A&E with a knife stabbed into his skull, bleeding and unconscious.

A: I'm still confused, what's wrong with him? Is that blood? I'll just sit here quietly and nod.
B: I need to brainstorm quick someone I need a whiteboard!
C: Shit, I didn't photocopy the notes for this!
by Dr. Shipman he he he May 17, 2007
PBL to be used instead of / as well as LOL.

Means: Proper Belly Laugh.
I PBL'd big time when I saw what happened to Steve last night!
by SamWiseWoahZay June 12, 2011

Passed By Launch

Term used in the sport of rowing (a.k.a. Crew) for a boat moving so slow relative to the rest of the boats in the race that the Launch carrying the Race Officials passes the slow boat to keep up with the pack of competitive boats.

Boats that PBL usually finish DFL (Dead Fucking Last).

Damn Dude, our Varsity 8 was PBL. WTF went wrong!!??
Dude, our Varsity 8 was PBL. WTF went wrong!!??
by Still Crew Dude June 25, 2009
Peanut Butter Legs
She has PBL syndrome cause her legs spread like warm Peanut Butter
by phdncunnilingus March 11, 2012
Pouty Bottom Lip
My cat was hit by a car pbl. I wanted to shoot my ex-husband but the law won't allow me to pbl.
by Kaleo Bella November 25, 2009
Preferred Beauty Look.
That guy over there with the chin strap and bald head, he is totally my PBL... he's getting me all sorts of hot and bothered.
by PittsKane May 21, 2010
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