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means god of wind in hindi. Usually resembles a walrus
The wind is blowing like pawan
by hehehehehehehehe000 November 18, 2010
i super intelligent guy, a guy who never give up always play with mind n heart, extremely good with heart n bold with nature, people love him always...
hey pawan you still flying...
by air... February 02, 2013
Translation of Pawan: wind. Originates from India. Peaceful, calm, and god-like. A beautiful person inside and out.
She's just like "pawan".
by PavanuBaba December 30, 2011
A computer develoved by an Indian civil engineer from Intel corporation in 90's. Also known as Pentium-I or P1.
Pawan is good video game player, CBZ rider and bong smoker.
by mojo April 14, 2005
It is the most abusive word in hindi. Even more abusive than madarchod.
tu to pawan hai.
by vakshstal June 27, 2010
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