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Complete champion, uber in bed, sooooo smart
"pav is the man, biatch"
"the best there is, was and ever will be."
by Maria Sharapova April 22, 2005
to stick a finger up a girls arse announced.
I crept up behind her on the dance floor and went in for the pav.
by upthepav February 28, 2011
Also known as Pav, Pavin, Pavindeep or Pav-Low
She's an extreamly awsome girl from the uk.
"Yo Pav, your so awsome :) "
Most Awesomest Girl in the Uk ever..a level no one can reach!

'daaaaaaaaaaaaaymm..that girl is nearly a pav!'
by Pavsta November 24, 2007
pav was created one cold winter night in the old good #blindblade (after the fall of overkill)

in its purest form it stands for; Pussy Ass Virgin. however in some cases it relates to; paki ass virgin
garren: hey chick want to go on a double date with my catless friend greeny? | some hot chick: who that guy? nah he looks like a pav | garren: LMFAOOOOOO
by zeeny May 06, 2010
It is what Shakespeare would name the modern day Romeo and Juliet.

It is where two lovers criss crossed in a Connecticut cool summer night.

It is where cupid shot its arrow of love.

It is where Aphrodite, the goddess of love, matched them.

It is where Pa meets her V.

It is where love is first tested.

It is the first three letters of the word "pavo" meaning "turkey" in Spanish.
"I want to bear my children with you"
"We'll be Pav forever"
"And they will have blue eyes"
by ModernShakespeare November 13, 2013

AKA Diarrhea

People usually PAV after they get shit faced and or fucked in the ass by a huge dick.
Dude, I was so wasted that when I got home I PAVed in the shower...

Oh my god, it was so embarrassing...he stuck it in my ass and I just started PAVing everywhere.
by PAVmeister. March 05, 2011

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