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to totally ignore when spoken to
"Today he was pauling me. He wouldn't answer my question."
by Hayoun Kim October 25, 2006
The action of pooping all over an inappropriate place while blacked out. Such as a hotel room you are sharing with many of your friends.
I came home from the bar and caught my roommate Pauling all over the house!
by Lily Z & Gabby B April 08, 2008
To Paul; The act of making plans then flake out for no reason.
We were suppose to meet at Wackadoos but after 15 minutes I knew he was Pauling me.
by Karate Chop March 29, 2015
To cry on anyone's shoulder to the point of soaking it.
pauling Graham's shoulder
by Falloutboysucks June 20, 2006
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