A man who is addictive and unforgettable. Someone who a woman, since a girl, has always desired to be close to. Distance is his kryptonite, and he will be yours. He is intelligent, sarcastic, and has an infectious laugh. Plays the guitar, has a crystalline voice which infects your veins with fluttering dragonflies. He is the one that was so close, yet got away for reasons you don't understand. His memory brings to mind Neruda poetry and hot summer nights.
Careful, he is a Paul. Get too close and you may just fall in love and into heartbreak.
by VioletRayne June 22, 2013
This term is usually used for guys that mean a lot to you. This guy particularly is a keeper, he has amazing features, an amazing voice, and an absolutely loving personality. He knows how to make you smile just by saying a few words.

Sometimes, this term is also used for guys with big private areas.
I love you Paul! Your amazing!


WHOA! That's definitely a Paul.
by woowoo12 November 09, 2012
An amazing friend. He is without a doubt one of my best guy friends. He is always there when I need him and he gives great advice too! He is great at soccer and and he is crazy funny.Sometimes I don't think he realizes how funny he is and how great of a friend he is to me and other people. Being able to meet him this year was one of the best things that has happened. If you have never met a Paul, you aren't living yet. You are always going to make new memories when you are with a Paul. He also LOVES cats! :D He may come off a bit weird at first to people he doesn't know, but once you get to know him he is the sweetest guy ever! I look forward to making new memories with you Paul! :)
Sue: Ugh, my best guy friend isn't nice to me.

Billy: Then you need to find yourself a Paul
by PaulLynn001234 June 23, 2013
Reported cause for forest fires, and global warming due to his hotness. Paul is usually too hot to handle and is the property of two amazing girls ;) <3
How did that forest fire start?
Oh, it was paul, cause he is so hot.
by shabbalabbadingding;) March 03, 2012
Someone who is really awesome and has a HUGE advantage down there. He is commonly reffered to as a doctor even though he is doubted by his peers. If you dont know a Paul. You should really get one because there arent very many.
Me: dude my penis hurts
Paul: if you get laid it'll feel better

Me: Thanks Dr. Paul
by bluhoodie2525 January 10, 2012
Similar to the urban legend of Bigfoot, Paul is a mysterious and beautiful seagull that roams around the earth without a care in the world.
We saw the rare Paul yesterday.
by Animal Names July 12, 2014
A cute, smart guy that would always love a girl but isn't good in staying faithful. He loves attention and is very funny, goofy,and a dick head at time. He never notices what he has till he loses it. But, no girl can ever resist his charm even though at the end they realize its a trap. He loves to play with people mind and manipulate them but in their heart he will always be number 1.
Eva: Paul broke up with me last night....

Cindy: Awww, its ok hun his always like that.

Eva: Yea, i know the thing is..i still love him.
by Mia Ella November 24, 2011

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