If from America- A great guy who dresses like a lumberjack, has a glorious beard, and smells of the outdoors and freedom.

If from Europe- A gigantic man pussy who reeks of fish. He complains too much and cooks shitty crepes.
Case 1- My friend Paul is visiting from Oregon. We're going to go chop down trees for fun!

Case 2- I went to European Paul's last night. He served soyrizo. What a pussy.
by beniportugal September 18, 2014
"oh shit Paul's here it smells so fucking bad"
by ASSBAGEL December 05, 2013
a veryy hot member of de limestone band....which iz a band tht came 2 my skool...luved it
also wat i use 4 cool hawt and awesome
he iz such a PAUL.
OMG itz a such a PAUL
by sue-sue November 21, 2011
A dumb hoe who needs to learn his place and accept that his girlfriend is and always will be right. But she loves him anyways. Hold on to him. He's AMAZING. Being in his arms makes you feel like the safest person in the world. He can make you smile no matter what. But make sure that he knows that you're smarter, nicer, stronger, and braver than he is. He's the type that if you heard a noise downstairs.. he'd go down stairs with a toilet brush expecting the robber to run away. He's a dork but you'll love him anyways because he'll always make life fun for you. You'll fall in love with him before you know it and he'll mean the world to you. <3 (:
Paul Ambrose needs to just give up and stop being so headstrong to his girlfriend. She loves him to death though.
by MadisonAnnah<3 August 06, 2011
The gayest of gays. Paul is the dullest person you will ever meet. Nobody likes Paul. Paul has a little penis
Is that a rock? No jimmy, that's a Paul
by Joejoe776 March 14, 2015
a big lying jerk, very disrespectful to a girls feelings
a cheater, lies to family and others, likes to hurt feelings
like an electron bad and good
Yo this that paul?

Nahh he just my lil boy toy
by gloglo9 September 09, 2014
Often a fat person that is annoying he makes awkward sounds that make him sound special needs. He loves baseball and is often his best friend is just like him.
Stop being a Paul.
by Tfff January 24, 2014

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