The guru of mystery. Enjoys family trips to places like the zoo and time spent with the fambam. Usually tall and studly, with brown hair and eyes like a fox. Drives whoever needs a ride home. Meets freshmen at football games and silently enjoys their presence. Is the life of many parties. Gets creeped on extremely frequently by girls he doesn't know too incredibly well. Probably the most grand person to ever grace the face of the earth.
Girl 1: Mmmm, gurrrl? You be seein' that Paul lately?
Girl 2: OH DAYYYYUMMMM, I be lovin' that Paul.
Girl 1: Mmm, gurrl. I would let him be the guru of my mystery.
Girl 2: Yuhhh.
by thefreshmen January 02, 2010
To Paul: To call any ten digits, and demand to speak to Paul, regardless of organization or institution. It should be noted that even when one finds out that Paul is indeed NOT present at this location, you should continue your pursuit of him as though the person you are speaking to is lying and trying to intentionally deceive you. Paul is a name chosen for commonality, and the odd chance that one may in fact encounter a Paul; in this instance one begins carrying out a conversation as if they are old friends, while avoiding detailing where you might have met. Alternative names might include: Joe, Pete, Voltron, etc.
(111) 111 1111

the Caller: Hey, this is Jim, is Paul there?

the Called: This is the greater Vancouver Zoo, I think you may have the wrong number.

the Caller: No no, I know. But could you put Paul on, it'll take like three secs.
by PapaMcBoneDeath June 25, 2009
A guy who is strong, loyal and loving. Someone who will always be there for you.
"He's been a real Paul"
by Bernard_the_wizard March 04, 2010
The kindest, best guy friend you could ever have. Unknowingly funny and always willing to listen. He always has a smile for you when you see him and you find yourself missing him if you don't see him for a while. He might seem shy at first but once you get to know him he begins to open up and let you in, you cannot imagine how lucky this makes you feel. Great soccer player too!! Any girl would be lucky to have him.
"Who is that guy, he's so nice?"

"Well he's Paul of course"

"Jeez I'm so dumb, why didn't I think of that"
by paul 12345 January 10, 2012
Most indefinately the best name ever given to anyone. Anyone called Paul are usually tough as fuck and with ease gets multiple woman in bed at one time. If you ever meet a Paul be sure to greet him with praise and gifts.
Paul Lewis
by Some fit babe November 24, 2010
An amazing guy who's handsome, smart, loving, and a gentleman.
Paul Delos Reyes
by sora aoi love June 04, 2011
Paul = the exact definition for awesomeness.

Most clever, and witty person.

Has a good, joyful outlook on life, and will always brighten up your day!

Has bright blue eyes that make all the girls Jelaous. Very outgoing, Paul is the first person to call if your looking for a Paul.

Pauls are very generous, and caring people. Pauls, are also the most ridiculous name for a cat.

Pauls enjoy cats, and will mostly likely name it something like Paul.

One will not regret meeting a paul.
Sally: "Gahh, this guy is so boring!"

Cally: "What you need is a paul."

Sally: "Omg, I want one!"
by OmgLolomg July 02, 2011
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