A mysterious beast that originates from the depths of California. Possesses inhuman strength and mainly predates on water buffalo.
That Paul broke my foot!
by mrgfy September 14, 2011
PERFECTION. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT! Seriously, you haven't lived life unless you try PAUL ;] Forreals. But he's all mine so unfortunately, you're just going to have to go on living your life NOT to the fullest. Understand?? kthanksbyeee <3
PAUL is PERFECTION, enough said.
by loveleandra July 24, 2011
A guy who is not only intelligent, but is also athletic, nice, caring, tall, handsome, shy, sexy, genuine, and funny. He has incredible sexual endurance, and is well-endowed to begin with. He will always do what he believes will benefit others the most, even if they hate him for it in the short run. In time, no one can dislike a Paul, unless they are too jealous of his success. In relationships, they make great pairs with Brenna's.
Guy 1: "Wow, Paul just got hit on by the hottest girl in the club."
Guy 2: "Yeah, its a shame he's still going out with that Brenna chick, his talent is really going to waste."
by ThreeWolfShirtMan February 10, 2013
Similar to the urban legend of Bigfoot, Paul is a mysterious and beautiful seagull that roams around the earth without a care in the world.
We saw the rare Paul yesterday.
by Animal Names July 12, 2014
Paul has a big dick and a lovely pair of balls, if you grab yourself a Paul you will never get bored.

Hey girl my new boyfriend has a small dick
We'll you need a Paul as he has big everything and takes it up the ass
Paul, handsome sexy and funny
by Coolkidss May 27, 2014
Paul is a all around awesome guy who is intelligent, funny, and a great friend. However, don't cross him because if you do he will skip over you and bang your bitch in retaliation. He, when faced with a challenge, will never give up. Paul is also the guy who just loves to have a good time and will accept virtually any bet.
Look at that awesome guy over there, his name must be Paul.
by FHRITP June 29, 2014
Paul's is a convenience store across the road from holy trinity catholic high school in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. originally owned by a Chinese man who sold it to a brown man and is known for selling smokes to kids and selling bongs,pipes,vapes,bowl pieces basically anything. the store owner got the nickname "muhammed". he was reffered to as chate. the store is also known well because all the stoners and "gangstas" hang out there and sell weed and other drugs.
and all the preppy kids were scared to go in fear of being robbed.
me:yo are you reaching paul's at lunch?

josh: yea bro il be there hopefull that chate fuck muhammed has smokes.

me: yo can you chop a piece?
dave: yea reach paul's at lunch/
by chronmonguan May 05, 2011

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