A common name in Western culture. Usually named for someone who is attractive, smart, and funny. The name is derived from the Latin "Paulus" which also meant someone who is ridiculously awesome. People with this name are smart and witty and just overall superior.
Hey, why is that guy so much better at everything than me?

Well Greg, that would be because his name is Paul and your's is not...
by Bless19 December 22, 2009
To get drunk then try shaving your balls, but in the process cutting the sack.
Oh fuck! I just pauled my nuts!
by DrDoom May 05, 2008
Better than Chris.
Chris is a lazy bum whose gained x pounds while in college. Paul actually has a future.
by megavega March 18, 2009
This man is as solid as his name, strong yet humble, a seeker of all things true and beautiful. He loves to laugh and be with the people he loves, when he speaks they listen to what he has to say because it really means something. A man of character, with a sense of adventure, beautiful hands and a smile that is contagious. Definitely a man to seek out in a crowd...
Me to You: Whats your name?
You: Danny
Me: Sucks to be you, I'm looking for a Paul.
by Blissgirl December 08, 2010
A Paul is the sweetest, sexiest, most caring guy ever who will listen to your problems. Fantastic in bed. Intelligent. Overall amazing. Very cute with a wonderful smile.
Girl 1: Paul almost kissed me last night...
Girl 2: And you stopped him?!
Girl 1: I'm with someone!
Girl 2: That someone needs to be Paul.
by It's not important. November 23, 2010
Better then Brian
I'm glad he's a Paul and not a Brian
by Laup Ohc May 27, 2009
The single most amazing guy on the face of the earth. Someone who is sweet, genuine, and should be a stand up comedian because he has a great sense of humour. He loves sports and is very athletic and in GREAT shape. His favourite colour is usually orange, or black. So very fun to hang out with, and is the envy of all his friends. A fantastic hugger. When he holds you in his arms, even in just a friendly embrace, the rest of the world melts away.

It doesn't hurt that he has a wonderful butt, either. :)

Paul is the epitome of the perfect guy.
Person A: What are you doing today?
Person B: I'm hanging out with Paul, girl!
Person A: What a lucky bitch...

Person 1: I wish someone could make me laugh today.
Person 2: You know what you need?
Person 1 and 2 look at each other and agree out loud: A Paul!!!
by emroose March 23, 2011

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