Proper noun, describes the speakers desire to invoke the ancient pirate rules of parle; upon such proclamation, the speaker is protected against forcible ridicule by his bros in respect of such games as 'tell her', 'text her', 'Facebook' and other smilar activities following a statement previously made by the speaker.
"I'd love to smash her back doors in! Parle"
"Sometimes I have wet dreams about my dad and brother. Parle"
"Hey bro, do you have any Justin Bieber CDs I can borrow? Parle!"
by Posh & Butler December 26, 2012
Top Definition
To talk; conversate with another party. To hangout with someone; chill, kick it
Nefearious parle with Eve over dinner.
by Nefearious K. December 20, 2004
to talk, usually referring to business.
we ca hook up lata n parle bout it.
by m4z3 May 01, 2008
The code on which the pirates live their lives
I Envoke The Act Of Parle!!!!!!!
by Smammy And Giddy Widdy January 28, 2004
The exclamation one makes when one cannot toke any more of the current splee they are smoking.

When parle is called the smoker must explain to the roller (in pirate) why they cannot smoke anymore of their roll, and apologise.

The caller must then sit out the rest of that splee.
"Parle bouys, enough for me"

(smoker is then directed to the roller)

"Yarrr, It be caning me lungs me hearty, me greatest apologies, yarrrr!"
by July 20, 2004
to smoke marijuana rolled in a hollowed-out, re-rolled cigar (a blunt)
ait, so we go 2 the store, grab some 40's, some ductches, and some chips. we stop at tinas, parle, run a train, and roll out.
by submachine November 13, 2006
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