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More of a North American origin...
If you gimme that look again I'll pop ya'ass, ait?
by weega February 26, 2005
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a substitution for alrite
dude one: hey hows u?
dude two: im ait, you?
by fra March 03, 2005
A small island, especially one in a river.

Alternative spelling: eyot. Both are homophones with eight.
Man 1: Lo, there is a cottage on yon ait!
Man 2: Aye, a terrible witch lives on it. No one dares land on her shore.
by BirdValiant1 November 30, 2009
that's the stuff or ok or sure,also y not =)
person 1:wana go chill?
person 2: ait!!!
by sim69 October 01, 2006
A double-contraction from the word "alright".
To express agreement with another brother.
A'i't cuz, hit me up later!
by Bob Hill June 13, 2007
Advanced Infantry Training.
Basic was OK, but A.I.T. sucked.
by Kata the ... August 03, 2008
Animal in the Sac: One who is wild and crazy when copulating in bed.
Me: Yo, man, you think that girl is an AITS?
Friend: That ass, that face, that body? Of course she's AITS.
by TheAcroman August 26, 2013

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