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The large deposit of fat that can build up below the naval. Old women are usually the owners of Fanti's, but very fat men can have them too.

This word was created by Magiver.co.uk, as no such word used to exist to describe such an amusing fattening of ones fanti.
Look at her fanti, its huge!
by Magiver.co.uk April 19, 2005
Browsing the internet on the London Underground. Usually by painstakingly connecting to free Wi-Fi for 20 seconds at each stop.
"Sorry for the slow replies, I'm gap-surfing on the sweltering Central Line.
by Magiver.co.uk July 13, 2015
The exclamation one makes when one cannot toke any more of the current splee they are smoking.

When parle is called the smoker must explain to the roller (in pirate) why they cannot smoke anymore of their roll, and apologise.

The caller must then sit out the rest of that splee.
"Parle bouys, enough for me"

(smoker is then directed to the roller)

"Yarrr, It be caning me lungs me hearty, me greatest apologies, yarrrr!"
by Magiver.co.uk July 20, 2004
An area used for smoking green. Usually refred to as "The Hotch".

Hotch areas are usually rural car parks.
Mate, lets go to the hotch and have a scooby doo.
by Magiver.co.uk July 20, 2004
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