The obnoxious ticket giver who's job it is to make young people, esp. college student's lifes a liveing hell. Often found hulking over parking meters like vultures or in shopping mall parking lots watching to make sure that you're actually going into the mall after parking your car there.
"There's the parking nazis makeing sure I'm actually shopping here today."
by Canadamus_Prime November 02, 2004
Top Definition
Typical Bitch-ass Wigger, who's sole purpose in life is to punish the people who actually finished Graduate College with a Master's of Science, or Ph.D

Typical Profile: Short, greasy hair, mustache, metro-sexual or full-time gay. Acts tough on duty, but a 6pm, packs up his balls, and quickly returns to his Mom's house where he finds his very own "Safety Haven" in the basement.
Damn it ! ! ! That faggot-ass Parking Nazi, jacked-off on my windshield again. That the 3rd time this month ! ! !
by White Compton November 07, 2012
The ubiquitous parking ticket-givers whose sole purpose in life is seemingly to frustrate and punish people who have no other available place to park; commonly found on college campuses
What do you mean the parking Nazi ticketed me? I was only parked here for five minutes!
by Bleh November 23, 2002
(noun) People dressed in brown uniforms that patrol the parking lots at the University of Oklahoma.
Damn, I can't park here in front of my dorm, as the parking nazi will get me. I have to park 2 miles away!
by zmurf April 23, 2003
A "police officer" who isn't really police, since they couldn't make the cut. Instead, they were given the daunting task of placing tickets on unsuspecting cars, often times praying specifically on cars worth more than Parking Nazi's house (Acura and above, LOL). Can be annoying, but if you have a relative in the police department, you can have the tickets taken care of since Parking Nazis fear real police.
The Parking Nazi can be found praying mostly on education facility parking lots or around train stations.
by hatred February 04, 2004
a short troll-like creature who looks like she could club an ox to death with one hand, whose sole joy in life is threatening to tow the vehicles of hapless state workers.
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
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