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14 definitions by hatred

untrustworthy fools..
people are selfish, evil little *beeeeeep!*
by Hatred November 12, 2004
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To act of putting way to many accessories on your car. Blue headlights and maybe some 18' Rims look nice on the right cars, but putting 17929874219822 stickers, a three foot high spoiler that looks like it was taken off a NASCAR wreck, a paintjob that resembles an odd mix of Las Vegas and Ebola-ridden death, out of place trims, and some shit written across the windshield that nobody cares about, is 'gooking it out'.
Riceboy: "Yo, check out mah Honda Civic. Sure it has a top speed of 50mph, and it's front wheel drive because I'm afraid of oversteer, but dem flame stickers on da side is phat!"
Me: "More like FLAMER stickers"
by hatred June 18, 2003
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IQs cannot go into the negatives.
by hatred July 19, 2003
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1) A virtual network where people can either conduct e-business or find information.
2) A virtual network where social rejects can act like tough guys and "e-pimps" since their monitor provides protection from the rest of the internet, and the warm glow of the monitor also happens to be the hottest thing they'll ever find in their sex life.
1) I need to find out the weather report for tommorow and directions to get to the plaza on the other side of the state, I'll look it up on the internet!

2) Hahz! I just beat you in counter strike which means my penis is larger then yours!
by hatred April 27, 2003
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A "police officer" who isn't really police, since they couldn't make the cut. Instead, they were given the daunting task of placing tickets on unsuspecting cars, often times praying specifically on cars worth more than Parking Nazi's house (Acura and above, LOL). Can be annoying, but if you have a relative in the police department, you can have the tickets taken care of since Parking Nazis fear real police.
The Parking Nazi can be found praying mostly on education facility parking lots or around train stations.
by hatred February 04, 2004
28 32
3) An idiot who thinks that 5 minutes tops on a rainy day spent writing a humorous rib is a "waste of time", and is obviously offended by it if he is so desperate to go as far as bringing it over AIM.
3) hatred: "Go watch some more Dragonball Z, geek boy." Somebody: "LOLZ you wasted your time writing that! By the way, I'm going to completely contradict myself by asking to bring this to AIM directly after my former sentence about wasting time!"
hatred: "Owned"
by hatred July 13, 2003
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1) An economy car driven by lower middle class workers. Mediocre milage, and overall unreliable.

2) A rice burner that usually boasts a huge three foot spoiler or 747 wing, ridiculous stickers and trims, and an ugly neon paint job. The owners, usually teenagers who bought it by sacrificing the money in their college savings, are completely oblivious to the fact that their 4 cylinder front wheel drive car couldn't even compete with a Mack truck going uphill.
1) "I think I'll take my Honda civic to work and hope to God that I don't run out of gas."

2) My 8 cylinder Lexus usually proves to be more than a match against these ricers with their civics in a drag race.
by hatred May 28, 2003
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