A term for money or cash.
My new rims cost some serious papers.
by ltspeedy July 31, 2005
in gangs, paper is another word for money or something to roll up smoke-able drugs in.
ay yo!!! wherz my muua fukin paper??
by gmg2011 July 29, 2008
Paper bags fix ugly.

Plastic bags fix stupid.
guy 1: Is Paris Hilton a paper bagger or a plastic bagger?
guy 2: Dude, I think she's both.
by 11111bobdole11111 April 19, 2008
In reference to someone being tested and clean for STDs.
Bobby: Man that girl susie looks like a little whore.

Tommy: Yeah, but she just got her papers.
by TalleysCorner August 07, 2009
Swahili slang word (specifically Kenyan) used to describe someone in a very drunk state
OMG that dude is so papers

what happened last night? Me I remember nothing, as in I was too papers!

you can't drive you're papers
by tommyd2006 August 20, 2012
Documents necessary to pass into another country or legally live there, such as a passport, visa, or green card.
Fred: "Dag dogg, I can't believe El Rodeo shut down. What's up with that?"
Billy: "Yeah, you know that dirty guy Jose that runs the place, that dirty Mexican...they deported his dirty ass."
Fred: "Man everyone knew that dirty wetback didn't have papers. What a shame. That joint had good tacos."
Billy: "Word."
by Nick D December 04, 2003
the term used to describe when L.S.D is consumed on a small piece of paper (1/4" x 1/4")
hey man, i got some clean 'paper'
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
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