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1. Cash

2. A small amount of drugs, usually $10 worth of heroin, sold in a fold of paper. See Paper Boy.
1. I've gotta get a job so I can get some paper flowin.

2. Me and my friend blew a paper of junk.
by AfterLastCall April 30, 2006
114 68
papers can refer to marijuana rolling, immigration papers and other legal documents, and money a.k.a. cash
C.J. from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
"Eh Yo gimme dat paper!(c.j.sometimes says this after he has shot the person, killed him/ her, and taken their money.
by yo mamma March 14, 2005
72 29
Means when someone is on probation or parole. Called papers cause the courts got lots of papers to fill out on you.
when you get off papers hit me up so we can smoke homie.
by killapaige August 29, 2009
51 18
1. Money
2. Prison slang for probation/parole.
I gotta hustle to get that paper.
After I do my time, I'm on paper for two years.
by Je$$e May 21, 2006
85 53
Written documents, usually of some importance.
Papers! Vut papers?

"The Great Escape"
by Louie Kay September 09, 2006
69 48
im in a band of gypsies...were on the run...everytime that paper hits my tongue
by mrbr0wnst0ne July 13, 2009
33 15
(n) A stock share, usually referring to a low-valued issue, or one with many shares outstanding.
There is a lot of worthless Nortel paper out there.
by keyshaw June 07, 2004
33 19