Something you write on
I have paper for writing on.
by 45968236597 February 22, 2010
A warrant for someone's arrest.
You better talk, I got paper on you.
by BigDogPOPO July 11, 2009
Probation or Parole
Woo I'm getting off papers in time for 4/20! No more piss tests!
by RendFou March 26, 2009
currency to exchange for monstrous amounts of hella narcotics
I can get that kush, if u got the rite paper
by Caleb Cox November 02, 2007
Heroin. It is called paper because of the stamp bag it comes in.
"You need some hard?"
"Nah, you got paper?"
"How much you need?"
"Lemme get 4"
"All right. Wait there and don't talk to nobody else."
by Pissbird December 26, 2006
If some joker is paper you can see right thru em. Theyre tryin to be shady but youre not the one.
Foll, your paper thin, don't even try it.
by the old December 07, 2004
real skinny white person
you are as white and as light as paper!
by 4f5643r5t6ygft3 May 24, 2008

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