Fake, False, or not a real place thing/person. Plain or used to be deceitful twords something or someone.
Its a Paper town, its fake and so is everyone else in it. (sentence taken from Paper Towns Book/ Movie by John Green)
by Hanna Your face Banana December 09, 2015
Slang for money.
When you got that much paper you gotta hold it down." - Prodigy "Stuck On You"
by FlyAway July 18, 2011
$$$$$$$$$$ Cash moneyy $$$$$$$$$$
"Gotta get dat paypa"

"I have got to get that paper"
by Panduhz September 25, 2009
Paper is some thing you write with a pen or a pencil.
im gonna write on some paper
by Jelena:) March 11, 2009
in gangs, paper is another word for money or something to roll up smoke-able drugs in.
ay yo!!! wherz my muua fukin paper??
by gmg2011 July 29, 2008
A positive adjective used to describe something which epitomises excellence.

An acronym meaning 'please acknowledge present excellent representation'.

An expression commonly used by those of the Francist community.
Person 1: I watched Alien last night. I never realised how strong and independent a woman Sigourney Weaver is.
Person 2: Oh man. She's so paper.
by proudimagineer October 09, 2011
marriage documents
She's got papers on me!
She's got papers, I got the man!
by barbaramason August 20, 2010
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