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A full diaper. To be full of shit.
Don Imus was right when he called Senator Schumer a pantload.
by harry flashman July 06, 2003
Derogatory term used to describe someone engaging in irritating, frustrating or mindless behavior.
"God, you're such a pantload sometimes."
by Grimmlok July 12, 2006
(noun) disparaging term for a person because they are being un-fun/rude/stupid/unpleasant.
"John, quit being a pantload or I'm going to leave."
by Maimee546 March 11, 2006
Being full of shit. A know it all; a loser; a dullard, someone who isn't very bright. Could also mean someone is being an asshole. Having a load (of Shit) in your pants, Hence being full of shit. From an episode of King of the Hill where Bill steals a tank while intoxicated after learning that the Army experimented on him causing him severe weight gain and baldness... Bill, "Forgive me guys I was such a pant-load!!"
"Man did you hear what the President said?" "Yeah that guy is a total Pant-load!
by anthony24 January 09, 2006
A indeterminately large amount of something.
"The Freeman Museum has a pant-load of classic computers."
by subliminal labs August 18, 2005
Noun: A lie, an exaggeration, or "bullshit."
Iraq tried to obtain enriched uranium from Niger? What a pantload.
by notarealdoctor January 18, 2004
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