a delightful piece of clothing usually worn by females as underware for their lower private parts. they are often made from silky fabrics such as silk, nylon, spandex, satin, and polyester, that allows outer clothing to slide easily and sensually across them. Some are decorated with lace and embroidery, and found in alluring colors like pink, light blue, lavender,black and bright red to further enhance their allure.
Danielle in hotel room she's sharing with Monica:" Those panties you're wearing are so cute and girly, I just love them!
Monica nude, but for her lace trimmed pink panties replies
"All of my panties are like these. They keep me feeling feminine and sexy. Would like to feel how silky they are?"
by lingerie sissy July 23, 2009
Top Definition
the greatest word in the English langauge.
She gently removed her panties prior to being jumped and ravaged throughout the entire evening.
by XXX October 15, 2004
Next to the greatest thing on Earth. ;)
Josh: "I love panties, but they keep coming between me and what I love most."
by SweetBlue October 05, 2005
the greatest invention since the female itself. preferably cotton.
Female: "Hey sexy, look at my panties"


Teh Edn
A gift from the gods.
Kasumi: Master Happosai, where did you get all those panties?

Master Happosai: They were a gift from the gods my dear Kasumi.
by Happosai December 07, 2004
a word that instantly gets your attention if spoken by a woman.
"I went through customs on my trip back from Cancun, and they went through my luggage, panties and all"
"Tell me more!"
by wordsmithy February 24, 2008
Not the best thing on Earth, Next to best thing on Earth!
by Priest6479 June 20, 2003
Straightforward and simple: underwear
meh... I just wish I had more comfortable panties
by lilshyangel April 24, 2006
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