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1.The oldest Tendo sisters in Ranma 1/2
2.A female ninja who famous with her boobs in Dead or Alive game series
3.A Judo girl from King of Fighters game series
1.Kasumi is the perfert example for a daughter
2.Althought she had big boobs,but Kasumi is not a whore
3.Kasumi have been declared died in age 16 but return to life in age 19
by H January 03, 2004
The most broken character to be ever featured in a beat 'em up.... ever.
Player A: I don't want to take the time to learn this new game Dead or Alive 4, I just want easy wins that won't take much to work for.
Player B: Use Kasumi
Player A: Good Idea!
by Sindelian September 26, 2007
A young ninja in suikoden. Her origins is Rokkaku. You will see her in the gate rune war when she delivers news about Teo and his group destroying Rokkaku. Secretly, Kasumi is to shy to confront Hero McDohl with her attraction towards him.
Kasumi is another cool ninja in suikoden.
by lunar shadows August 10, 2004