The state of being awesome, exemplary, terrific, or highly favorable.
The dental professor's presentation on the benefits of oral hygiene was totally panties.

I just had the best sirloin steak of my life the other day--it was straight panties!
by The Never Ending Penis May 13, 2011
(noun) An emasculated male; wuss.
Quit being such a panty and ask that bitch out already.
by Oprah February 21, 2003
A fag. Especially when told to do something and they say no.
Simon- Come cruise wit us Koa, we can get all the chicks and then smoke some batu later.
Koa- Nah I dont do drugs.
Simon- You Fucking Panty!
by Kailua boy January 31, 2004
Range from boxer shorts to briefs to thongs/g-strings. Worn and enjoyed by both sexes.

Often used to keep the ankles warm.
There's nothing wrong with my panties, but I don't wear hip-huggers and show off my underwear!
by Lorelili March 25, 2005
andy horny; official owner of the party house; big sam
Who left their panties in andrews room?
by jesus walks February 01, 2005
the perverts term for knickers.. or bloomers.
"that 2 year olds wearing some nice panties" remarked paul to pete
by Nana March 27, 2005

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