The "lower" underwear
Don't look! I'm only wearing my panty!
by oppi November 22, 2005
A device usually made of fabric used to protect the delicate outer parts of the vagina. Can also be made from more durable materials such as steel, iron, or leather...

Not the best thing on earth, but right next to it...
She's got little hearts on her panties!

After I spent the night at her house, she gave me a pair of her sweet sheets as a souvenir.
by Constable Clitoris November 10, 2010
Ladies undergamet
Sarah wears panties under her jeans.
by smitty154 October 13, 2010
a garment of such genius that it firmly covers the vulva without touching the anus thereby collecting a woman's best smells while avoiding her worst. Another genius feature of panties are that their edges end right at the natural crease where the woman's leg bends and slope upwards towards her hip bones thereby visually lengthening her legs and narrowing her pelvic region.
The only thing better than a beautiful woman wearing panties is a beautiful woman wearing nothing at all.
by wouldaben January 06, 2011
One step from heaven
Boy: -ahem-
Girl: fine -takes off her panties-
Boy: ;D
by cookingpig November 27, 2011
Expressing a person as a coward, or being scared. A minor insult usually used to be humorous.
Greg was such a panty the other night, he actually screamed during the movie.
by Amphictyon February 19, 2005
Perhaps the creepiest word ever invented. When said to a female during copulation it conjures images of kitty porn, and in that awful feel sick to your stomach way.

Panties are the things girls wear under their pants or ruffled skirt, may or may not have the days of the week written on them.

Why can't we come up with a better word?!??!?!
Drew gave out a low, SUPER creepy whisper, "...take off your panties..."
She immediately wanted to vomit, and turn inside-out and then vomit again.
by The Nectarine Ballroom February 21, 2010

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