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Similar to bukake, however in this term it involves delicious syrup.
Hey did you see Pam at Denny's? Pam loves the pankake!
by Jeans May 10, 2006
What you make out of hash and weed in your pipe to smoke.
I love to smoke a good pancake in my pipe once in a while it gets me a good buzz :-)
by TH June 01, 2003
round, flat, and golden-brown
I eat MY pankakes with syrup and butter.
by sheena_sheena May 29, 2003
Ey cuz, i dunno wad youse fittin to talk 'bout but we call dem flapjacks here in da south my nigga.
hey cuz gimme some of dem flapjacks.
by cuz June 02, 2003
The feeling Jenna gets when she can't stop laughing at the word pank
Usually leads to foaming at the mouth, watery eyes, red in the face, and rolling on the floor
Jenna is a pankake.
by panksyouverymuch September 19, 2008
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