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Probably a fire. Because if I were at the disco and there were a fire I would most likely panic(!), though they say not to. Panicking at the disco usually leads to people getting trampled, so be careful.
Sally (breathless): Panic! at the Disco.
John (Aghast): Yeah, I saw you trample that old lady on the news.
#fire #stampede #panic! #death #trample
by Jeans May 12, 2006
Greater than LOL, ROFL, LMAO, LMFAO and ROFFLES, Lolosaurus is perhaps the greatest e-way of saying "I find that funny and would wish to say so in a gradiose fashion" however if it were to ever be translated into a laugh it would kill the laugher.
Billy:*rolls eyes*
Timmy: That's what your mom did last night!
Timmy: Lolosaurus!
by Jeans May 27, 2005
The retarded way in which enraged emo people say fuck, but with an extra y for the pain that they are feeling inside.
When Avril screamed "FYUCK YOU!" to the camera, the viewers were both offended and sad for her.
by Jeans May 27, 2005
Similar to bukake, however in this term it involves delicious syrup.
Hey did you see Pam at Denny's? Pam loves the pankake!
#bukake #syrup #pancakes #pam #denny's
by Jeans May 10, 2006
Cram it up your Cram Hole.
Used as a less vulgar and less effective way of saying STFU.
Steve:You're a dumbface
Steve:I didn't ask where babies come from, I mean really STFU dude!
by Jeans May 27, 2005
1: n. A baby thief
2: v. To steal a baby
1. The police caught the qloom, but not without massive casualties.

2. While at the daycare, I qloomed until my backpack was full
#steal #baby #aloom #scrabble #q no u
by Jeans June 20, 2007
An internet identity that used pictures of suicide and other "stuff" to try and gather attention. Neither a troll or a real person, they fall into the nether realm with Ogres and Santa claus. May have been a real person at one time, but overexposure to crappy music has lead them down the path to emogirlism. The best bet to avoid is for mods to delete her posts immediately.
Emogirl: I'm an emogirl, and if you delete this post not only are you confirming your homosexuality, you are sew not kewl.
by Jeans May 27, 2005
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