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noun: the hawaiian word for marijuana. it is a combination of the word "paka" which means tobako, and "lolo" which means numb or paralyzed.
brah i get da good pakalolo
by hawaiianstile June 14, 2011
21 13
hawaiian word for marijuana
Someone stay smoking the pakalolo
by KC February 21, 2004
730 207
marijuana (hawaiian kine word)
we going go get high of da pakalolo braddah. you like try come?
by E December 23, 2004
426 177
hawaiian word for pot
smoke some pakalolo
by traveye January 15, 2003
336 143
'Paka' meaning tobacco or smoke
'Lolo' meaning crazy

Hawaiian slang for marijuana or weed.
"I lit the pakalolo, and I said Mahalo"
words of Ziggy Marley
by Private Ryan December 09, 2006
206 70
paka- tobacco
lolo-numbing,crazy/wacky. Also one who is so.
common term for marijuana in Hawaii
Who is the lolo who stole my pakalolo?
by mary pimpinns April 09, 2005
255 143
Hawaiian word for marijuana.
Have you payed your dues to the Hawaiian Pakalolo Growers Union yet?
by GimpDaddy May 29, 2006
107 41
Da kine plant grow on da leeward side da island.
Pakalolo in da kulolo brok da mout.
by Makena April 24, 2003
108 78