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brother in Hawaiian pidgin English. Other forms include brahor blalah. It is used for friend or brother.
How zit braddah? How you? Good braddah? And you?
by Kawika Anderson June 16, 2005
Noun; pidgeon (hawaiian slang) for brother.

brah-dah or bra-dah
Mom: Where your braddah went?
Kid: He went to da store.
Mom: Fo wut?
Kid: Fuck if I know he not my braddah, we don't share the same faddah!
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007
Braddah is just one word of slang in Hawaii or as they would say pigin as they would call it localy. Most people like to refer to it as broken english because most froiengers cant understand it with out a person to tell them what he/she said.
This example uses only the word bradda: hey bradda, where were you all day I've been looking for you all around the neighboor hood

Now this example is entirely writen in pigin ( or broken english): Ho braddah wea you been all day today I been looking for you all around da neabahood
by Hirule_Angel May 15, 2007
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