A horrible place, filled with cheap ass hoes and guys who can't get in em. Most of them aren't even black, they are just living a front so they can all act like little ninjas and run amuck. Orlando-Magic is the skeeza. While ITI is the pimp who manages everything and keeps his bithces in line, especially eightball that crazy whore who can't go one night without a wet dream thinking about Colt. OTB is like hanging out at the corner at night.People working them and won't stop till they get it. OTB is some crazy shit, better be strapped if you go in there cause Da Dukies will pop one in yo azz, and esb617 will piss in your mouth, while Black-Demon will stick his finger in your azz, and while WGE will beat your dick, dude will do anything that has to do with the word 'beat'. (and let this in please, it'll be hillarious for somepeople I know, and if you do, delete what I'm typing in parenthasese.)
OTB = On the Bong

OTB = Orlando's Titty Bar
by William Bellemy July 20, 2006
Top Definition
Not neccesary someone that is "off the boat" but acts like he/she is. They only communicate and make friends with other Russians and will always prefer to talk in Russian rather than English. They love wearing AX, Diesel and other expensive European clothing choosing the most gayest looking clothes of the group (shirts with rips in the middle of them, green jeans, i.e.) They all either drive Mercedes, BMWs, Acuras, or Lexuses. Since their job selling mobile phones on Kings Highway or Brighton Beach does not pay the bills, mommy and daddy usually buy their car. They always travel in packs, preferring the safety of a group when they insult and start trouble with people that are alone. They spend their nights either loitering around their respective neighborhoods, going to "el greco" (a popular diner on Sheepshead Bay, or going to their shitty nighclubs that play mainstream anthem trance until the wee hours of the night.
www.whimit.com is the high school yearbook of OTBes
by Kase September 11, 2004
Over The Bars. When a biker bites the dust via going forward over his handlebars.
"way to go otb, dumbass"

"FUCK man, it's wet out, but i dunno what happened..."
by $$$ August 14, 2004
Out This Bitch...
On a day the big boss is out of the office...
Me: What time you leaving today?
Co-worker: Director's not here today. Man, I'm OTB!
by Lainey Daddy January 04, 2015
Of The Boat pertaining to a Russian immigrant who speaks little english.
He is such an OTB he drives a Maxima and hangs out at El Greco
by Sexy Beast February 26, 2003
It is internet slang or an acronym for off to bed.
CaptainYummy: yo guy
awsumtastic: sorry, otb
CaptainYummy: okay gnite, nao that i think about it.. i should go otb aswell!
awsumtastic: kk otb!
by Philian March 24, 2008
"Off The Book" In reference to playing a hand of blackjack against the rules of Basic Strategy. Also see BTB "By The Book"
You have a 16 against the dealer showing 10. You stay. You're playing this hand OTB.

"I'm going OTB on this one."
by asdfjkl;a November 10, 2011
OTB SN1,A gang in peckham,London BADMAN AREA!!AkA PB/Pecknarm boys ... OTB= Obviously The Best ,Out To Bade cause trouble Oz To Boxes I.E in Drugsand allot more..
Giggs HollowMan,Buck,Kyze,Young Spray,Griminal,are all Examples of O.T.B Members.. Dunno Fam? :@
by 0000fdes5rfgd6tgrfdfgdfgfdg January 28, 2009
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