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Not neccesary someone that is "off the boat" but acts like he/she is. They only communicate and make friends with other Russians and will always prefer to talk in Russian rather than English. They love wearing AX, Diesel and other expensive European clothing choosing the most gayest looking clothes of the group (shirts with rips in the middle of them, green jeans, i.e.) They all either drive Mercedes, BMWs, Acuras, or Lexuses. Since their job selling mobile phones on Kings Highway or Brighton Beach does not pay the bills, mommy and daddy usually buy their car. They always travel in packs, preferring the safety of a group when they insult and start trouble with people that are alone. They spend their nights either loitering around their respective neighborhoods, going to "el greco" (a popular diner on Sheepshead Bay, or going to their shitty nighclubs that play mainstream anthem trance until the wee hours of the night.
www.whimit.com is the high school yearbook of OTBes
by Kase September 11, 2004
Rich neighborhood in Sheepshead Bay. It is essentially filled with people that should and would live in Long Island, but have obligations that force them to live in Brooklyn. Due to most of them being rich they were able to get the NYC Government to forbid parking in their neighborhood from the beggining of spring to the middle of fall. Since most of the houses there are not large (even though most of them are 900k and up) many of the residents turn to other ways to display their wealth through their house. Its common place to find entire houses made of 2 thousand dollar windows, enormouse gardens, multiple Mercedes parked in the driveway and other cheesy things. If it were not for Kingsborough Community College and the Beach, the neighborhood would be entirely secluded from the rest of the world.
David would move to Long Island but does not want to drive 2 hours a day in his 745il to work in Brooklyn, so he lives in Manhattan Beach.
by Kase September 11, 2004

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