Term that stands for "over the bridge." Used by Philadelphians to describe suburbanites and suburban attitudes, especially those associated with New Jersey. Similar to the usage of "bridge and tunnel" in New York, OTB originated because suburbanites from NJ have to cross one of several bridges over the Delaware River to get into the city. One does not necessarily have be from NJ to exhibit OTB characteristics. Many OTB people reside in Delco or Bucks County. Examples of OTB characteristics include loud and aggressive behavior, fist pumping, and enjoying chain restaurants.

Much to the chagrin of real Philadelphians, OTB people descend on the city every weekend, but they especially love the bars and clubs in Old City (possibly because they don't have to stray far from the bridge to reach them). When out of town the OTB people will say they're from Philly, but they've only actually ever hung out in Center City and maybe South Philly (but probably only near the stadiums) because they're afraid of the rest of the city.
"Dude, Eagles fans suck. They even booed Santa!"
"Come on man, don't judge our city based on those people. They're mostly OTB anyway."
by WestPhilly4 January 14, 2014
"Only the black" — someone who is solely attracted to black men/women
White guy: "I would try to hook up with her, but she's otb now.."
by Not Hali November 24, 2015
v.,n.,adj. (oh-tee-bee): referring to a sensually seductive females, acronym for 'Okay To Bang.' Usually used in everyday conversations among group of males who check out other females' buttocks or breasts; these females may cause hardenings or urgings to 'bang,' or to fuck.
'Ey yo shes got some ass there'
'yeah she's pretty OTB'
by kberry April 09, 2009
On the bright side: As when describing a situation's "silver lining" or the hidden good in an otherwise negative scenario.
Statement: "I didn't get a tan on vacation!"
Reply: "Oh well, OTBS, you won't get skin cancer!"
by mspcuda March 09, 2011
over the bars

mtb slang for over the handlebars. used as an expression of affection.
i know it's weird, but i'm totally OTB for my new english teacher.
by dr perfect May 09, 2014
over the bullshit
LaQuanda (texting her friend BuQuisha): Tyrone won't give me the child support he owes me? I'm fucking OTBS, I'm takin' that nigga's ass to court!
by silent0h September 16, 2012
one tough bitch. Basically, any girl that has you whipped and is hard to please or satisfy... They're PMSing 24/7
"Man, my girlfriend is an otb, straight-up."

"Yea, she's got you by the balls."

by apkfreshie March 10, 2009
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