Top Definition
meaning H.ow B.out Y.ou
usully replying to a persons comment/mssg
jon:what are you doing??
shawn:im just listening to music
jon:im also listeni to music
by KaliJonSarmiento January 01, 2009
How about you?
- What's up?
- Not much, hbu?
- Same
by deefizzle October 20, 2008
means how bout u or holy but user
wat u doin nm hbu oh im jus chillin ya mean
by cum drinker December 09, 2004
A short version of How bout you?
On facebook
Girl 1: Hey.Whats up?
Girl 2: Nm. Bored. Hbu?
Girl 1: Tired
by Derp-A-Herpes January 27, 2012

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