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A sexual position where the woman is on her back and has her legs up with her ankles up to the man's shoulder. The Man leans over her similar to a missionary position. Then thrusts his penis in and out of the woman's anus until both have achieved sexual satisfaction. This is a favorite of Brazilian women living in the west, for its ability to go deep into the anus but still have the man and woman face to face.
Yo, I was plunging that brazilian waitress we met at the steamed crab shack in maryland last night. Then right when was I deep in her ass about to cum she told me she need money to fix her car.

What a fucking braza!
by VindaLoco3 August 30, 2010
The act of saving someone's life when they are drowning or choking by repetitively thrusting one's penis in and out of the person's throat. The thrusting creates a plunging effect that forces the obstruction up the throat and out the mouth. This action is in no way sexual; it should only be used during times of grave danger.
Guy 1: Dude! Ellen was drowning at the pool today!

Guy 2: WHAT?! what happened?!?!?!

Guy 3:The lifeguard pulled her out of the water and started plunging her throat until she coughed up the water.
by 69HyungPaq June 22, 2010
Having Sex Without a Condom and Cumming Inside the Female, At Which Point You Continue On To The Point Of Creating a Plunging Noise
Craig Was Plunging The Shit Out of That Hoe And Couldn't Help Laughing
by Plunger2k6 May 29, 2011
Jacking off while taking a shit.
Mark was caught plunging when Bill went to check out the strange sounds coming from the bathroom.
by sexyguitarstud October 04, 2012
The act of plunging one's erect penis into applesauce, whether the applesauce belongs to the plunger, the plunger's friend/relative, or a complete stranger.
John had returned from the bathroom only to find his friend Tom plunging his applesauce. That bastard!
by The Ωmega June 22, 2010

Inserting your penis, dildo, strap-on, fist, ect. inside someone's butt while they are pooping to push the poop back up their ass.
The man put his penis inside the girl's ass right as the poop started to come out, causing the poop to go back in her ass and causing them both to have a not so pleasant feeling but the great feeling of knowing that you accomplished it.

-he is plunging her, he is plunging her, she plunged herself-

(hint: it would make your life easier if you didn't tell people that you plunged someone)
by epg2 November 11, 2011
A vigorous form of oral sex, where the female lays on her back with her head tilted back, while the male straddles her face and plunges his cock deeply into her throat.
I was plunging that chick so hard she threw up on my cock.
by Corey Ray Slackinstein September 27, 2010
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