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when u get horney
i got an orgasim when i finger bangged my self last night
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
1 14
The fucking idiot's alternative to 'orgasm,' which is a sexual climax.
I don't know how to spell orgasm, and that gives me an orgasim!
by Captain Fantastic February 15, 2003
610 342
1. the illiterate moron's way of spelling orgasm. For another fine example of illiteracy regarding sex, see masterbate.
John was a moron; thus, he wrote orgasim, not orgasm.
by Ryan February 04, 2004
289 219
What Bob and Betty Newbie's hijinks in the love bed ostensibly culminate in.
EA/Maxis, you tease you.
by Manon January 09, 2004
49 38
the improper spelling of "orgasm"
"oh yay. i am smart. i can spell things wrong. whhheee. ORGASIM@!!!@$!%@^W"
by DanielleL January 29, 2004
97 94
(spelt orgasm) sexual climax, to cum
I had an orgasm
by CSM August 19, 2003
33 30
a faked climax, a simulated orgasm
Fred's nut proved unbustable that night, so he decided an orgasim was the best way to conclude the night's lovemaking session
by Goo June 14, 2003
161 159
a good feeling u have that makes you want to start breathing harder and scream till you let it all out
i was having a great sensation last night when my boyfriend fingered me so hard and so fast and it felt all so good.
by Jessica August 13, 2003
31 33