when you get sexual excitement!!

(its kind of like cum, only in a girl)
she got an orgasim when her boyfriend fingered her.
by annonymous November 01, 2002
orgasm you assholes. when a guy or girl cums.
whoever wrote that an orgasm is like cumming but for a girl is a fucking retard/virgin/doesnt deserve to live
by michael! February 09, 2004
when you get exitced during any sexual contact or thinging about any sexual contact.
gina had an orgasim while she used her duece stick in the shower and had another orgasim while thinging about it the next day.
by Squeakers June 12, 2003
a cool feeling.....
i fucked the hellout that monkey then got an orgasim n stuff
by ifuku4a1$ April 30, 2003
something matt blevins will never do to another human(maybe a dog, but not a human)
matt blevins is gay
by dey dey March 18, 2003
when u get horney
i got an orgasim when i finger bangged my self last night
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
A faked orgasm
Last night, I just wasn't into it and Jack was making me sore so I finally just gave up and orgasimed to get it over with.
by inebriate of air June 14, 2003

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