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the word "orgasm" speld rong bi thu most reetardid fucin peepul in thu hole younavers.
what kind of illiterate fucking dumb fuck, spells orgasm wrong. Whoever does probably wont ever give or recieve one.
by dey dey March 18, 2003
you are all stupid cos what you al lthink is the wrong spelling is an example of the way your supposed to pronouce it!
"eet-meee" see it's the way you say it
by Unkown December 05, 2003
it want's to be the word "Orgasm" but the person who started all this bullshit is a numbskull..if i have to define it, then i'd say it's a fake orgasm.
don't even bother
by jess January 31, 2004
Lauren Ellie Shipman is an anerexic hoe who can't ever get none because her pussy just do dam small! And the only thing she will ever fuck is (Amanda Bains)
When Westbrook Smith turns her down after a fingering.
by Preston Willet November 14, 2003
its a feeling that will make your toes curl and make your leg twitch. it feels warm and good.
when my boyfriend fingers or fucks me fast and hard, i orgasim.
by heather September 22, 2003
the fucktard's way of spelling orgasm. whoever started this definition is an imbecile.
What example? this word doesnt exist
by Mary Mariegh June 13, 2003
when you get exitced during any sexual contact or thinging about any sexual contact.
gina had an orgasim while she used her duece stick in the shower and had another orgasim while thinging about it the next day.
by Squeakers June 12, 2003