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1. (n.) - short for orgasm

2. (v.) - to release one's semen in an embarassing way
1. "The thinner the condom, the better the org. Period."

2. "Dude, when her tit popped out, I may have orgged down my leg a little."
by SportySport July 10, 2009
13 14
A mini-orgasm, usually coming about when someone is getting pleasured gently or sees someone very hot and feels that tingle in their pants. Often can happen when seeing hot celebrities on TV.
1. So when my boyfriend was touching me outside the pants yesterday I totally had an org because I could tell he was really horny.

2. Watching Johnny Depp get all over Keira Knightly in Pirates of the Carribbean was crazy hot. I had an org!
by taraawesomeness September 16, 2009
19 17
A Sexual Climax....sexual peak
omg!!! im hittin her spot shes bout to have an Or-G.
by CitaDeDiva January 10, 2008
2 7
a unit of sexual pleasure
An orgasam is a gasam of orgs.
by philoernie March 19, 2008
16 25
Overgrown Retard Grom, usually meaning a tall, lanky, weird surfer type who constantly makes claims that he never keeps.
Org: Hey, we should get some strippers tonight
You: You say that everynight you freakin' Org.
by John Frankford Madsen April 15, 2007
20 30
to set a function to a specific address
I need to org that ho cake.
by jojo January 05, 2005
8 21
a crazy good orgasm. But it can only be when a girl gets the orgasm.
i fingered my girlfriend for the first time and total gave her and ORG!!!!
by Maxy November 12, 2005
9 29