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Hardly anyone knows what a "ho-cake" really is these days, especially if your not from the south.
A ho cake is cornbread that is made like a pancake. You mix cornmeal and water (some people add spices or cracklins)with a little salt and pepper, then you fry it up in a pan of bacon grease. Hot, crispy, and delicious.
"My grandma makes the best ho cake."

"I'm gonna fry me up some ho cakes to go with my gumbo!"
by DARD April 29, 2006
Pronunciation: 'hO-"kAk'
Function: noun;

Main Entry: ho
Etymology: alteration of whore
slang : WHORE
Main Entry: cake
Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse kaka; akin to Old High German kuocho cake

A mythical yeast-based, floury concoction baked in honor of and specifically for prostitutes.

I believe this comes from a movie called the Hollywood Shuffle. Robert Townsend's character works at Winky Dinky Dog. His boss (John Witherspoon) tells him about his latest, greatest creation called Winky Dinky Hocake, "because hoes got to eat too!"
But they never explain exactly what it is.
"My latest, greatest creation...the Winky Dinky Hocake"
by Rob_2006 September 27, 2006
The field hands of slavery times and the soldiers in the War Between the States baked it on a shovel or hoe held to the open flame. When made of good, sweet, water-ground cornmeal, it is crisp and palatable, much like Mexican corn-chips.

It is made simply of cornmeal, salt and water, very thin in texture, and was fried in a skillet if one had fat for frying or often in a Dutch oven or over a hearth or camp fire.

This information comes from "Cross Creek" ( Florida), a book written by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, author of "The Yearling".
Hocake was a poor man's version of cornbread. He had no eggs or flour.
by Wht lite March 12, 2008
A southern breakfast treat that is basically a big azz flat biscuit. Made just like regular biscuits, but baked in one piece on flat pan so that it looks like a thin cake when done. It is eaten warm and dipped in syrup or honey, and sometimes eaten with fruit preserves. The word is most commonly recognized from the movie Hollywood Shuffle "Hoez gotta eat too", but it is ACTUALLY a real food.
Ok, we got grits, catfish, sausage, eggs... wait, who made the hocake?
by J Peso October 09, 2007
A southern biscuit like breakfast food made of flour and milk that you either baked like a cake in a cake tin or cook like a pancake then top with butter.
Mama makes the greatest ho cake!
by southern1234 March 19, 2011
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